Submission Guidelines

Please note that our recommendation is that you use start with either the Abstract or the Paper template document, available on the conference website. If you use this then most of the details will be implemented automatically. You can also use the built-in styles noted below. Please pay attention to the word count limits:

  • Abstract-only submissions, the word count is 250.
  • Paper submissions, the word count is 5000, excluding references.

Guidelines for Preparation of Abstracts and Papers

Paper size and margins

    • Paper size should be set to A4: 21.0 x 29.7 cm (8.3” x 11.7”).
    • All four margins must be 2.5cm (1.0”).


    • All abstracts should use Arial 10pt not bold.
    • All papers should use Arial 11pt not bold.


    • Except for the Title/Author and keyword information, which should be left justified, the abstracts and papers should be fully justified.


    • Single spacing throughout, including the title, author information and abstract
    • Exactly one blank line before the author(s)’ name(s), the abstract, section titles, subtitles, acknowledgements, references
    • Exactly one blank line before and after tables and figures

Headers, footers, page numbering and footnotes

    • DO NOT number the pages
    • DO NOT use headers, footers or footnotes
    • If necessary, group numbered notes at the end of the text before the reference list


    •  TITLE to be left justified in Arial 20pt bold capitals. You should use style=TITLE from the template file
    • Author(s)’ names to be left justified in Arial 12pt bold, use style=Heading 2
    • Leave one blank line between title and author(s)’ information
    • Author(s)’ information (name and email address of the presenting author, affiliations of all authors) in Arial 10pt not bold
    • Leave one blank line between author(s)’ names and author(s)’ information


    • KEYWORDS title in Arial 12pt bold capitals
    • Keywords in Arial 11pt not bold

Abstract (papers only)

    • Abstract heading Arial 12pt bold capitals (use style=Heading 1)
    • Abstract with a maximum of 250 words. Arial 10pt fully justified.
    • Leave one blank line between the keywords and the abstract.

Headings and emphasis

    • SECTION TITLES should be in bold capitals (use style=Heading 1)
    • Subheadings should be in bold (use style=Heading 2)
    • Sub-subheadings should be in italics (use style=Heading 3)
    • Leave one blank line after each heading/subheading/sub-subheading


    • References heading Arial 12pt bold capitals (use style=Heading 1)
    • Use style=References for references
    • No blank lines between items in the reference list. Use “hanging indent” of 0.5cm.

Figures and tables

    • Include figures and tables within the body of the paper. No figures/tables in abstracts.
    • Figure and table captions (use Style=Caption).
    • Figure caption positioned below Figure.
    • Table caption positioned above Table.

Thanks to Leanne Rylands and the Delta 2019 Proceedings Committee for their valuable contribution
to the Formatting Guidelines.


Key Dates

18 April 2021: Final date (extended) for full refereed papers in the special edition of iJMEST (suggested limit: 6000 - 8000 words, excluding figures)
13 August 2021: Final date for submission of full papers for the Conference Proceedings (limit: 5000 words, excluding references)
27 August 2021: Final date for submission of abstract-only presentations.
27 August 2021: Final date for submission of abstracts for posters.
22 November 2021: Conference commences