Conference Theme

The conference theme is Values and Variables in Mathematics and Statistics Education, with a particular focus on any of the following sub-themes:


  • Research-informed evidence-based teaching and learning practices in mathematics and statistics tertiary education;
  • Curriculum design and delivery that addresses the needs of all learners;
  • Challenges of wider participation: addressing the needs of non-traditional students at university; 
  • Values and variables in mathematics and statistics teaching and learning encounters; 
  • Innovation in teaching and assessment: novel approaches and practices; 
  • Online teaching and learning; 
  • Mathematics and statistics for non-mathematics majors; 
  • Learning pathways into university-level mathematics and statistics; 
  • Policy and support issues. 

Key Dates

18 April 2021: Final date (extended) for full refereed papers in the special edition of iJMEST (suggested limit: 6000 - 8000 words, excluding figures)
10 September 2021: Final date for submission of full papers for the Conference Proceedings (limit: 5000 words, excluding references)
30 September 2021: Final date for submission of abstracts for posters.
30 September 2021: Final date for submission of abstract-only presentations.
22 November 2021: Conference commences